Rabu, September 10, 2008

Semakin Tawar Hati

Segala kepayahan dan kebuntuan yang kualami kini disebabkan kesilapan orang lain. Urusan pelepasan jawatanku tertangguh disebabkan pihak yang tidak memahami prosedur kerjayanya. Aku menjadi mangsa sehingga aku semakin tawar hati untuk meneruskan segala urusan. Hari ini aku menerima satu lagi tawaran kenaikan pangkat. Barangkali inilah hikmat di sebalik kepayahan yang kulalui sebelum ini. Barangkali juga apa-apa yang berlaku itu sudah ketentuan-Nya.

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erlyda berkata...

Apa dah jagi dengan tawaran dari UPM tu?

LYNN berkata...

Hi Ghaz,
What happened? We may be in the same boat but different destination. I, too have not received my clearance letter...it's been almost 4 months...I waited 3 months to get Pak Lah to endorse my papers and now that he has done that, I still have not heard anything about it after one month has gone...have been calling the officer at JPA but couldnt get hold of him...kursuslah...meetinglah...not at his placelah...has gone outlah...etc,etc,etc...sent him emails but no reply...left him messages but never got back to me... Since I'll be going back to Malaysia on Saturday, I'm going to hunt for this guy before he goes off for Raya holiday!!! People like this makes life miserable for others!!!

Ghazali Lateh berkata...

Hi Lynn,
I feel so frustrated right now. I was treated just like a ball, kicked here and there, waiting for this and that, and mistakes made by the officer in PPD also made me miserable. Last 15th Sept I was called to attend an interview to be IPG lecturer, I asked for DG52 but they want to offer me DG48. I said I rather stay in school bcoz Form 6 teachers will be offered the same grade. Right I'm still struggling to be release by KPM. I wanna tell you that my cerpen and my novel selected to be Komsas text in 2010. Thank God.

LYNN berkata...

You're right, if they can only offer you DG48, you might as well stay in school...less headache. I hope you'd be able to get the release from kpm. Who decides on the release? My Friend is one of the special aides to the Minister of Higher Education. Will he be of any good to you? If you feel that he could be of help, do let me know.

LYNN berkata...

Congratulations for having both your short story and novel chosen as texts to be used in 2010 KOMSAS! Keep up your great work.

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